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Down the stretch: Bates leads Mosby for Baltimore State's Attorney ahead of mail-in count

All 296 of Baltimore City precincts have been counted
Posted at 11:07 PM, Jul 20, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-25 11:33:05-04

BALTIMORE — We are down to the final stretch for voting in Baltimore City.

All 296 of the City's precincts have been reported. That leaves just the mail-in ballots left to be counted for Baltimore City.

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Among the biggest races in Baltimore is the State's Attorney's Office, where Marilyn Mosby looks to remain in office.

However, with mail-in votes to start being counted Thursday morning, Mosby finds herself trailing Ivan Bates in the race.

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Bates has 40.98 percent of the votes (19,904), while Mosby has 32.44 percent of the votes (15,755). That's a difference of 4,149 votes. Thiru Vignarajah has 26.57 percent of the votes (12,907).

"We know that we love our city. I know that I am blessed to serve the bold, brilliant, beautiful people of Baltimore City, every single day, in my capacity as State's Attorney for Baltimore City," Mosby said Tuesday. "It's going to be a while until we know who is going to win this race. But what we do know, is that this race is not over. I'm going to fight the same way I fought to get into this position until every single vote is counted."

Mosby defeated Bates and Vignarajah to secure her second term in 2018.

As top prosecutor, Mosby has a legal battle of her own, aside from this primary, she’s currently facing federal perjury and false mortgage application charges.

We’ve spoken with her attorney A. Scott Bolden several times since those indictments came down, and she maintains her innocence and stated those charges stemmed from “political" and "racial animus."

Baltimore's gun violence has been a big issue this year.

The City has 198 murder investigations this year.