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DOCS: Officer arrested Saturday after allegedly harassing, following three women who would not invite him to a party

Posted at 8:53 PM, Feb 07, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-08 18:26:58-05

BALTIMORE — A Baltimore Police Officer, identified as 22-year-old Jordan Ali was arrested early Saturday after charging documents say he allegedly harassed and then chased three women who would not invite him to a party.

According to the reporting officer, Officer Adkins, the incident occurred just after 1 a.m. when Adkins responded to Johns Hopkins in report on an armed person.

Upon arrival, Adkins was met with the man she recognized and identified as Officer Ali. Ali advised Officer Adkins that he was pursuing a vehicle he believed was stolen.

Documents say that Ali was not working nor was he wearing a uniform.

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Upon further investigation, Adkins saw a vehicle unoccupied in the roadway with City medics at the scene. The medics advised the officer that three women had approached them and said they were being chased by a man armed with a gun to which the medics allowed the women to seek shelter in an ambulance.

The women told the officer that they were approached by Ali at a red light when a conversation between the two groups. The women told Ali that they were on their way to a party and Ali said he wanted to join.

The women declined and pulled off.

According to the documents, Ali followed them and then approached them at another red light, repeating that he wanted to go with them to the party, to which they said they were not interested and asked him to stop following them.

The documents continue stating that Ali refused to stop and continued following the vehicle at a high rate of speed, at one point allegedly striking her vehicle.

As the women continued to flee, they pulled into a Royal Farms and attempted to call 911. This is when docs say Ali approached the women and displayed a "fake FBI badge" and told them to Freeze.

According to the documents, they asked Ali for his identification number which he refused to give. They then fled the store and drove to Johns Hopkins where Ali continued to follow.

Ali was detained by on-duty officers and his departmental handgun was recovered and transported to the public integrity bureau.