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Deputy State Fire Marshal credited with saving man's life on Thursday

Posted at 10:49 PM, Sep 10, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-10 22:49:48-04

QUEEN ANNE'S COUNTY, Md. — A Deputy State Fire Marshal is credited with saving a man's life with a tourniquet and rendering aid after hearing his calls for help in Queen Anne's County on Thursday.

According to the State Fire Marshal, Senior Deputy State Fire Marshal Brad Childress heard the sounds of a chainsaw being used to remove a tree in a nearby neighbors yard when he arrived home on Thursday.

While preparing to go off-duty, he heard the sound turn into a man screaming for help. Childress returned to his vehicle and responded, finding a 36-year-old man in the backyard with a severed left hand and a deep laceration to his chest.

A neighbor called 911, and Childress notified Queen Anne's County Emergency Services via his portable radio while rendering aid.

Deputy Childress then used his agency issued Combat Application Tourniquet (CAT) and applied pressure to the man's arm, stopping the profuse bleed. He also treated the man's chest wound until paramedics arrived.

Paramedics credited Childress for providing life saving measures and mitigating the man's injuries.

"Childress' professional demeanor and dedication to duty is a credit not only to himself but to all of the members of the Department of State Police," stated State Fire Marshal Brian S. Geraci. "His actions have demonstrated that he is truly an asset to this department and the entire community."