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Police shoot and kill man after multi-state chase

Posted at 5:41 PM, Oct 19, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-19 23:09:22-04

EMMITSBURG, Md. — A man is dead and another is in jail after a high speed chase that crossed over the Maryland/Pennsylvania border.

“State Police in Pennsylvania were chasing a suspect in an attempted homicide from somewhere in their jurisdiction along with other police agencies from Pennsylvania,” Frederick County Sheriff Chuck Jenkins said. “He came into Frederick County and my deputies became involved in the pursuit.”

Police chased those two suspects described as white males up and down Route 15.

At one-point Jenkins said one of the suspects shot and hit a police vehicle.

The suspect's car, that was stolen, crashed.

“At that point we know one of the suspects got out of the vehicle and shot at law enforcement. Law enforcement returned fire right at the crash scene.”

Danielle Albaugh was leaving work and saw the suspect run through the parking lot.

“We connected eyes, he seen me I seen him,” Albaugh said. “The cops told me to get back inside and tell the manager to lock the door. I went inside and I could see through our drive thru windows him getting shot, falling, they put him into the stretcher.”

Jenkins said there are four crime scenes in total including a spot where the driver tried to hit an officer at high speed.

Traffic on Route 15 was backed up for miles during rush hour.

Crystal Mccubin said a trip that normally takes 5 minutes took over an hour.

“I finally was able to get to the Dollar Store to be able to walk up because the traffic was awful,” she said. “All this excitement I never though this would happen. Small town you never imagine anything like this happening.”

Jenkins said that they are going to take the lead on the incidents that happened in their jurisdiction and they will work with Pennsylvania Law Enforcement moving forward.