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Cyclists want arrest two weeks after being run over during community ride

Posted at 10:10 PM, Sep 03, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-03 23:18:27-04

BALTIMORE — Cyclists are calling for an arrest two weeks after they were clipped, harassed, and ran over in Fells Point.

Every other Friday night a couple hundred Black men and women come out for a community bike ride.

Usually they travel the streets of Baltimore with little issue.

Two weeks ago one driver took exception to their ride to the point of sending several cyclists to the hospital.

Baltimore City Police said the driver of a red pickup truck hit several cars and drivers before leaving the scene.

Police said they have been in contact with the owner of the truck, but she's not the person who was driving that night.

Initially the driver was facing aggravated assault charges that prosecutors could eventually upgrade to multiple attempted murder charges.

Kenny Pittrell said he was trying to get his fellow riders away from the truck when he was run over.

“The evil that it would take to ram your pickup truck into human being and purposely ride over them and with reckless intent and flee the scene," said Pittrell "It takes less than being a human to be able to do that.”

Pittrell said before he was run over the driver of the truck was burning out his tires to create smoke and agitate the riders.

“When we’re going through the intersection, I’m instructing everybody to just continue to keep riding go through the intersection and stay on the side stay away from this guy. As he went through the intersection he clipped the back of a girls or I want to assume it was a girl, because I thought it was a girls bike. “

Brian Henderson with Baltimore Bikers saw what happened.

He thinks about it every time he gets on his bike.

“I haven’t been okay. Everyday I’m waking up thinking did they catch this person did they catch this person?" Henderson said. "I just want to see justice for Kenny, Anthony all the people that were hit. All the people that were involved. It’s on my heart right now. Until they get this guy in cuffs I’m not going to be able to sleep peacefully.”

Henderson said he and the other riders plan on following through on this case, and will monitor to every court hearing.

Pittrell has injuries all up and down his leg and his bike is badly mangled.

Two weeks later he may not be able to ride, but he will be out Friday to show the driver that he didn’t win.

“He feels like he’s entitled to hit people, human beings and he can get away with it," Pittrell said. "I’m here to say no it stops today. We have to start loving one another. It’s time for love to empower itself and show that love itself will get us through these very troubled times and hate can’t win.”

While Pittrell is itching to get back on the bike he's not letting his injuries slow down his efforts to help hungry kids.

He will be at the starting point for tomorrow night's ride over at the parking lot in Canton.

He wants all of you to come out with non perishable items or a couple bucks to donate to the Maryland Food Bank.

Arch McKown a community leader in Southeast Baltimore started a GoFundMe for hospital expenses and new bikes for the men that were injured.