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Customer leaves $1,000 tip for employees at Mount Airy restaurant

Posted at 2:15 PM, Mar 18, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-18 23:20:01-04

MT. AIRY, Md. — A customer left a $1,000 tip to be split between two employees at the Mount Airy Inn restaurant.

“It was amazing I’ve never seen that amount of money ever in a tip,” Brett Booth said.

Brett Booth and the server he was working with are used to at least 15 percent.

On Monday as The Mount Airy Inn prepared to close down the dining area for the foreseeable future — a $1000 tip came in.

“They are really helping us out right now,” Booth said. ”It’s like having family take care of you the amount of support they gave us.”

Owner Chris Beck said the couple who left it is always generous— and it brought a tear to his eye when he heard.

“It’s an expression of love and it means a lot,” said Beck.

To understand the significance of this act you need to to look at who it’s helping.

Bartenders and servers are out of work or hardly earning anything all over the country.

Beck plans on getting any subsidies he can from the government to pass on to his staff, but he's also trying to keep them working by adjusting schedules to allow them to carry food out and keep them as safe and financially secure as he can.

“They have bills to pay, they have mortgages, rent, health insurance all the same things that everybody in the rest of the world does. On Monday 5 pm their means to pay for it evaporated.”

A couple serving up love for when it’s needed most.

“I’ll be able bills to be able to cover, that definitely gives us a bit of a cushion,” said Booth.

A lot of restaurants are switching to carry out only. That doesn’t mean you still shouldn’t leave a generous tip.

It means more than ever to help the people that depend on tips to survive.