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Crofton college grad defies the odds, fought through 3 learning disabilities

Taylor Quarto
Posted at 9:51 PM, Dec 23, 2022
and last updated 2022-12-23 23:27:39-05

CROFTON, Md. — When Taylor Quarto was born, she was so small, that the nurse carried her in the pouch of her nurses jackets to care for her.

“She was born 1 pound 9 ounces, 29 weeks early and I was really sick," said mom Kelly Johnston, from her Crofton dining room table.

She was bleeding on both sides of her brain. Mom was told her little baby girl would never walk or talk and mom would not hear of it.

With the odds stacked against her, mom brought out the resources and managed to get her little girl through South River High School. With three learning disabilities and eyesight that is poor to fuzzy, she relied on audio books to get her through four years at the College of Charleston.

So the little girl who was told she would never walk and talk, walked across the stage last week and said thank you when receiving her diploma.

She thanked her mom, “She wanted it more than I did,” Johnston explained.

She believed she could, so she did.