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Copper Beech tree in Towson to be removed

Posted at 5:21 PM, Nov 06, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-06 17:21:18-05

An iconic Prospect Hill tree, more than a century old is set to be removed.

Prospect Hill Cemetery is getting ready to remove their copper beech tree because the tree is diseased and is slowly dying.

It's estimated to be 130 to 150 years old.

Today county officials held a ceremony at the cemetery off of York road in Towson to pay their respects.

But it's not the end of the tree's life. It's just the start of a new chapter.

"We never really know what it's going to become until we get our hands on the wood and we turn it into lumber and we really understand the characteristics of the wood, but likely it'll become tables and desks and bookshelves and pieces for the home is what this tree will become."

A local company specializing in re-purposing wood from old houses as well as crafting things from decaying trees will help keep the tree's memory alive for decades to come.

The tree has been around even before the cemetery was created in 1892.

More than 350 US veterans are buried there as well as iconic drag queen 'Divine'.