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Condemned apartment building leaves tenants worried about where they're going to live

Posted at 11:14 PM, Feb 15, 2022

BALTIMORE — Roughly 30 people are being told by a property management company that they must move out from their home immediately. The issue is happening at 1801 N. Rosedale Street following a city inspection.

“There are so many violation in the building,” said tenant Tonya Williams. “They’re still collecting our money but they want us out.”

According to tenant a small fire near a basement stairwell exposed the problems.

“After the fire it’s like a can of worms were opened,” said one tenant who didn’t want to be identified.

According to the city’s Department of Housing and Community Development:

“Our records show there were 25 people living in the building.  It is a 34 unit building.  After an inspection, the building was condemned because of fire separation issues between the drywall, mechanical room fire safety issues, electrical work issues, and defective doors.

Residents have been advised they need to be temporarily relocated.  Any assistance needed would first be the responsibility of the owner.  The owner has several options to utilize with tenants while they are working on bringing the property up to code.    

"We are monitoring to see if the landlord follows up appropriately.  We will determine if there are other steps that DHCD needs to take if the landlord does not act appropriately.”

Tenants tell WMAR-2 News problems have existed for years.

“Our apartment floods at least once a month,” said tenant Michael Singletary. “There’s been raw sewage that we have to clean up.”

Singletary showed us pictures of flooding and a collapsed floor in bedroom that he says hasn’t been fixed.

According to the city two LLC’s have a partnership to run the building.

“We hardly see maintenance,” said one tenant who did not want to be identified. “Sometimes there’s no heat.”

WMAR reached out to Rosedale Proper Management for comment. We are still waiting on a statement.

“The hope is that they can fix the issues so we can move back in,” said Tonya Williams. “But there’s a lot of problems."

According to tenants, DHCD is helping some tenants with relocation services.