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Community concern about auto accidents and damage to light poles along E. Northern Pkwy

Posted at 4:29 PM, Nov 23, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-23 17:34:38-05

BALTIMORE — Come nightfall, there's less lighting around the entrance to George Wees' apartment complex. That's because recent car accidents have toppled light poles around E. Northern Parkway and McClean Boulevard.

"From McClean Boulevard almost down to, I would say down by the post office, it’s just a drag race," said Wees.

He and several neighbors describe speed in both the east and westbound lanes as dangerous.

"They fly down here like crazy," said Debbie Winters.

WMAR-2 News was alerted about the ongoing situation by a concerned viewer.

The viewer wrote, "In the past month it is every couple of weeks that light poles are being knocked down in the area. There is a recent one or two across from the nearby Eagle Mart gas station, and there have been some closer to the Mt. Pleasant Ice Arena, and a tree was struck just in front of the golf bridge recently."

WMAR found car debris near one of the locations mentioned and learned a driver hit one of the light poles over the weekend.

"I was lying in bed and heard it," said Debbie Winters. "I looked outside my window and saw all the debris. This is the closest it's gotten to the apartments."

Neighbors tell WMAR the fence around the apartment complex acts as a barrier from any flying debris. Still, they say people need to slow down.

"My message is please, this is Northern Parkway, this is a community where we live. Please drive at minimum speed," said Wees.

As for the areas three damaged light poles, crews are working to replace them by the end of the week.

WMAR reached out to BGE about the poles. A spokesperson responded saying:

"The three poles you've identified on Northern Parkway are City-owned and BGE-maintained. That means when an issue is reported, BGE crews are dispatched to the location, make the area safe, assess the situation, and schedule the repair -- and make the repair once it's scheduled. The City provides any materials needed for repair.

These poles/lights are scheduled to be replaced by the end of this week, subject to delay if materials are not available.

In addition, BGE crews will be in the area this week to look for issues on other street lights.

Customers may report a street light outage to BGE through our online street light map at or by calling 800-685-0123."