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Comic Paul Reiser coming to Charles Town

Paul Reiser
Posted at 9:15 PM, Jan 17, 2023
and last updated 2023-01-17 23:22:03-05

BALTIMORE — This is a lien from the classic movie, “The Diner,” uttered by Paul “Modell” Reiser. He said, “Most marriages depend on a firm grasp of football trivia.”

And the first question popped before marriage, “George Shaw was a first round draft choice. True or false?” The answer is false.

You see stranger things have happened to Reiser.


First we met him at a local diner. Got mad at him and now we are getting set to laugh at him on Saturday night at Hollywood Casino at the Charlestown Races.

It was 40 years ago, when Reiser became an actor. Starring as Modell in the Barry Levinson classic.

He was 18 when he hit the stage for the first time and made it big time on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.

Then he got a huge break starring as Helen Hunt in Mad About You. You youngins will recognize him as Dr. Sam Owens in Stranger Things.

He also is in a hit Hulu series called “Reboot” and told us from his LA home that he is finishing up shooting Beverly Hills Cop 4 with Eddie Murphy.

But it’s the love of the stage and to perform in front of a live audience that has him in Charles Town this Saturday night at 8pm.

It's the Big Font Tour and you can find out more about Reiser here.