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Club & Cycle ramps up despite pandemic

Posted at 11:43 PM, Apr 26, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-27 20:38:44-04

WINDSOR MILL — Lights, music, action! You'd think you're ready for some late night clubbing, but this dance floor is reserved for something else.

"We are Baltimore's healthy version of a nightclub."

"It's also a party on bikes."

But Club and Cycle’s party didn't start off with balloons and a celebration. Owners Jennell St. John and Belinda McGlotten opened last April just days after Maryland and the rest of the country went on lockdown because of the pandemic.

"It was super crazy. We were like what are we gonna do."

St. John says they had to get creative to keep their customers coming and their doors open .

"Literally having to change our business plan before we opened. We weren't intending on renting bikes at all, but we had to rent our bikes out in order to pay our bills."

In the last year, their spinning classes have been virtual, outdoors to finally safely back in their warehouse in Windsor Mill.

There's social distancing. Everyone wears a mask, and everything is sanitized in between classes.

"Now that restrictions have been lifted, capacity limits have been lifted people are gonna come out but they still want to stay safe."

"When they shut down, I was like oh no, what am I gonna do. I started walking outside and doing some other things and then when they opened back up I just got into it back into the groove of things."

And as you can see Alexa isn't in the slow lane. She has them pumping up the volume and sweating bullets in her class.

"The music is just so intriguing and you don't even feel like your exercising and by the time you look up the class is over and you've burned so many calories."

Now that they're pedaling downhill McGlotten says they can focus on why they created Club and Cycle.

"We want you to have fun. We want you to feel free, let your hair down but all in the name of health and fitness, in the name of living your best life."

"Club and Cycle is here. We're open and prayerfully we'll be here for a very long time."