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Close call on disputed bridge in Carroll County

Driver evacuated propane truck sliding off narrow pass
Posted at 3:53 PM, Oct 05, 2021

WESTMINSTER, Md. — A large propane tank truck, attempting to deliver heat to Westminster residents virtually cut off from services by a bridge too small to pass, begins sliding off the temporary structure forcing the driver to bail out.

“We cannot get heating, oil, propane or fire trucks over this road since June 11,” said Lars Hviding. “We’ve been handicapped and the county has been continually wasting more tax dollars on fixing this temporary structure when they need to fix their bridge the way it should be properly fixed.”

A June flood washed out the bridge, but for the first time since Trump Road was built before the Civil War, the county is balking at making permanent repairs.

As it continues to research whether it is a private road, which should be maintained by the eight families who live here, residents claim the county may be jeopardizing their safety.

“I think today actually puts them in the category of gross negligence,” said Hviding.

For its part, the county says today’s close call doesn’t prove anything claiming it was operator error.

“The driver was attempting to back into the lane when he or she backed too close to the one side, because in my estimation, there’s roughly four feet on the other side where the truck would fit,” said Public Works Deputy Director Doug Brown.

Residents say if the county doesn’t do the right thing in replacing the bridge, they are prepared to take it to court.