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Cecil County man charged with impersonating a police officer

Allegedly displayed handgun & threatened woman with arrest
Posted at 4:12 PM, Aug 19, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-19 17:38:48-04

RISING SUN, Md. — A pair of women exchanged words while crossing paths while pumping gas outside the Sunoco APlus on Telegraph Road in Rising Sun on Saturday night when 28-year-old Adam Barnett interceded and ordered one of the women to leave the property or else she’d spend the night in jail.

We are concealing the woman’s identity for her own protection.

“I saw a gun on his hip and his demeanor and tone with me made me feel he was some form of law enforcement,” the woman told us.

The victim says the man pulled his shirt up to reveal the holstered weapon a few times and she left the property in fear that otherwise she would risk being shot or arrested.

“I left the property and contacted the local law enforcement (to see) if that was normal---how to handle situations,” she added.

But the Rising Sun Police Department had no officer named Adam Barnett, and they dispatched real cops to investigate.

They discovered the suspect still standing outside the gas station and discovered he was still carrying a nine millimeter handgun on his waist with 16 live rounds of ammunition, not to mention two additional handguns, ammunition, a bullet proof vest, a silver security badge and the handcuffs later found inside his truck.

Real tools of the trade to equip a fake cop---bringing a sense of relief that his cover has been blown before he could break any laws that he was pretending to enforce.

“Very much so,” said the victim. “And I’m thankful that the Rising Sun Police Department was able to assist in the situation and handled it quickly and efficiently.”

Barnett has since posted a $10,000 bond to gain his release.