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Caught on video: 4-month-old puppy found after being stolen from woman's backyard

Posted at 1:19 PM, Mar 04, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-08 15:20:47-05

BALTIMORE — UPDATE: As of Friday morning, the puppy has been found.

A Northwest Baltimore woman is begging for the safe return of her stolen 4-month-old puppy.

On Wednesday around 5:40 pm, Nina was taken from a fenced backyard on Rockrose Avenue.

Her owner, Renee, says the whole thing was caught on camera.

The video shows two masked individuals walking through an adjacent alley.

They seem to notice Nina playing in the yard and stop.

One then climbs the privacy fence and tries reaching for Nina.

Wagging its tail, the pup appears extra hesitant.

Eventually the person makes it all the way over the fence onto the back deck of the home, at which point they scoop up Nina and run off.

Baltimore Police confirmed that an incident report was filed.

Renee is asking anyone who may know where Nina is to call 240-326-3913.