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Catalytic converters stolen in Bolton Hill

Posted at 6:10 PM, Apr 15, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-15 18:10:53-04

BALTIMORE — Catalytic converters have long been a target for thieves, but a number of communities across the country have seen an uptick in thefts recently, including in Baltimore's Bolton Hill.

"I've been watching our community page for a while," said Emma Richardson.

Worried her car might be targeted she started parking in areas that might pose more difficult for thieves to get at her Prius but in late March she was victimized.

"I didn't notice for a good two days because I've been working from home," said Richardson. "I knew once I started to drive away. A Prius is pretty silent when it starts but I rolled about 10‘10 feet and then heard it and immediately knew."

Since late March there have been roughly half a dozen catalytic converters stolen.

"We believe it's the work of the same two guys," said one neighbor. "We're seeing the same four-dour Infinity sedan."

One victim shared video of the same vehicle and two men stealing his catalytic converter in the 1400 block of Mason Street.

"It happened in under two minutes," said the Prius owner who asked not to be identified. "It would be nice if the cops would just grab these guys. They know what the vehicle looks like."

According to mechanics thefts of catalytic converters are making a comeback because of the value associated with the metals inside.

Inside a catalytic converter are three valuable metals, platinum, rhodium and palladium. Those who steal catalytic converters try to sell them once they remove the part from the car. Depending on the size of the converter, they can be sold for up to $150,

"It's really sad that we have to say this, but we all need to be more vigilant," said Monty Howard.

The Infinity in question has also been seen in Canton as well as Fed Hill. Anyone with information is asked to call Baltimore City Police.

Neighborhood associations have been asking people share any video of the crimes in hopes it can be used as evidence.