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Calais Campbell and his foundation will provide emergency bill assistance to Baltimore families

Calais Campbell
Posted at 2:28 PM, Nov 09, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-09 14:28:29-05

BALTIMORE — Baltimore Ravens defensive lineman Calais Campbell and his CRC Foundation will help individuals and families facing financial hardship to pay essential bills.

They have partnered with Baltimore law firm Cohen & Dwin to launch the Charles Richard Campbell Lend-A-Hand Fund, a new program operated in conjunction with the Community Assistance Network.

The program will help individuals and families facing financial hardship to pay essential bills.

The fund will serve Baltimore County households with emergency bill assistance to include prescriptions, utilities, water, car repairs, and internet services. Each household will receive assistance between $250-$500, depending on need.

“My father always made it a point to give what you could—either your time or what small amount of money you could spare--to help those in need,” said Campbell. “Those values have shaped how I live my life and its that same legacy I hope to continue through the CRC Foundation. Through The Charles Richard Campbell Lend-A-Hand Fund, I hope that these small gifts can help Baltimore families with basic bills and hardships that so many families are experiencing right now.”

The emergency funding is managed by the Community Assistance Network (CAN), whose outreach specialists review a client’s budget and determine ways to help move them from crisis to thriving.

CAN also provides case management and follow-up assistance to ensure that the services provided helped the family maintain financial stability.

Cohen & Dwin, which has proudly served the Baltimore community for almost five decades, contributed $10,000 to the program on top of a $25,000 contribution by the CRC Foundation.