Budget Buster: Beating inflation at the supermarket

Posted at 7:53 PM, May 01, 2022

ORLANDO, FLA. (Ivanhoe Newswire) – Americans spend an average of $5,174 a year, or roughly $431 a month, on groceries. And that number is now skyrocketing! According to consumer price index food prices rose seven percent from January 2021 to January 2022. That’s the largest 12-month increase in 40 years. Ivanhoe shares ways to avoid paying more at the store.

Timing is everything. If you shop late in the day, you can find discounts on perishable items such as bread, produce and meat.

It’s also cheaper to buy in bulk. For instance, russet potatoes were $0.99 per pound and $3.49 for a five-pound bag.

That’s a $1.46 savings. Buying pre-washed bagged greens is always more expensive and they're not always 100 percent clean. And the same goes for grating your own cheddar cheese. Do the muscle work and save money. Also, look at the lower shelves. More expensive products are eye level or higher.

Don’t skip the freezer section. Vegetables and produce are flash frozen at peak ripeness, ensuring optimal nutrients when they’re defrosted. Studies show that fresh produce loses nutrient value after sitting on a store or refrigerator shelf after just a few days.

Also, shopping online helps you stick to your list and not deviate or impulse shop. One last tip-- shop alone. When you shop with kids or significant others you’re more likely to be coaxed into buying stuff you don’t actually need. Go it alone and stick to buying what you know you need without peer pressure.