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Black bear sighted at Westminster High School

Young bear seen at Westminster High School
Posted at 12:45 PM, May 26, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-26 12:50:55-04

WESTMINSTER, Md.  — A young black bear has been sighted in the heart of Carroll County, including the Westminster High School stadium.

Carroll Community College said the Sheriff's Office is trying to corral the small bear.

Carroll Fire Wire shared a photo of the bear at the high school that was passed on by Dave Mack of Westminster High.

Carroll Fire Wire noted:

BEAR IS BELIEVED TO STILL BE THE AREA OF Diamond Hills neighborhood.YES WE DO HAVE BEARS.NO THEY WONT HURT OR BOTHER YOU UNLESS YOU BOTHER IT So let it be please just be aware of your surroundings

The Fire Wire also said:
Proper authorities are aware just thought it would be nice to give a heads up. It has not been tranquilized and still in the area there is no need for it to be tranquilized it's just passing through.

Carroll County Public Schools said: "The bear was spotted at approximately 7:30 this morning on Westminster High School property. He left and returned around 8:30. Our SRO went out and kept an eye on him. Students and staff remained in the building. Animal control was contacted. The SRO saw the bear run back across Route 97 near the school and back into the woods."