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Baltimore's Fed Hill community leaders warn about uptick in carjackings

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Posted at 9:43 PM, Mar 30, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-30 23:18:17-04

BALTIMORE — Beware of your surroundings. That's the message from the Federal Hill Neighborhood Association after a number of people have reported a number of carjackings. 

“It’s Baltimore,” said Jory Matherson. “It has that stigma to it a little bit but of course you’ve got to lock your car. There’s been a couple of break-ins.” 

Matherson says he’s heard about cars being rifled through but no carjackings. 

“I saw the post of Facebook but I haven’t specifically heard anything,” he said. 

In a post to Facebook the community association posted: 

“Since taking over as Major of the Southern District, Maj Velte has provided clear and regular communication with community leaders. Today he communicated that they are looking into a number of incidents, along with City Wide Robbery (CWR), to see if they are connected. 

These incidents have taken place between 2100 and 2300 and have taken place on or near Clarkson St, S Hanover, Durst St and Marshall St. The suspects are described as being 3 armed males in their late teens/early 20s. Suspects have blocked cars from leaving parking pads, stood in front of cars while driving in the community and approached a victim while unloading items from their car. 

Community leaders have been asked to remind neighbors about the importance of situational awareness. The resources/links below can offer some helpful tips and information. 

1. Please be cognizant of your surroundings when entering/exiting your car especially during the time range listed above. Also, please be cautious if you need to unload items from your car that require you to make multiple trips. 

2. Try to park in well lit areas. If there are street lamps that aren't working on your block please file a 311 request and send the SR# to your association leadership. Association leaders should be able to request that these repairs be expedited due to public safety. 

3. If you see a group of people who appear to be observing parking pads or idling cars please call 911.” 

“Honestly,” I was just mainly confused when I saw and read that post,” said Katie Hill. “I recognized the street names but haven’t heard anything. I’ve never seen anyone out here. Where are the really quiet side of the neighborhood.” 

Neighbors who spoke with WMAR 2 News say while the news is new to them, they’ll be more alert. 

“It’s situational awareness,” said Hill. 

WMAR 2 News reached out to the Police Department in relation to the carjackings. 

A spokesperson said when carjackings occur they use a number of license plate readers to track down the stolen vehicle. It also uses police helicopters to track the cars as the department has a no chase policy.