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Baltimore's Cherry Hill community dealing with flooding concerns

Posted at 9:04 PM, Apr 06, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-06 23:15:14-04

BALTIMORE — A portion of Cherry Hill is dealing with flooding issues after Tuesday’s heavy downpours.

Residents are tired of getting no help from Baltimore City officials, they called WMAR-2 to shed light on their concerns.  

When you say waterfront property, Cristen White automatically thinks the beach, Ocean City, Miami. 

“Or Florida,” she said. “Definitely not Baltimore City.” 

But a waterfront view is exactly what folks in Cherry Hill woke up to in the 3400 block of Spelman Road on Wednesday. 

“It’s right in front of my front door,” White said. “I don’t know how much more rain I would need for it to flood my property, but it’s literally right in front of my front door.” 

White said the flooding hasn’t gone down an inch since the rain stopped. This is the second time she’s dealt with floodwaters since December. 

Sadly, neighbors say it won’t be the last. 

"This is nothing. This has been like this for a while,” Cherry Hill resident Tony Royster said. “It’s clogged up. The city has supposed to came out and fix it. This has been going on for years." 

People say the sitting water is a safety hazard. 

“A school bus had to come down and make a U-turn and go back up the one-way street because they can’t get down here,” said White. “Other cars are coming up on the sidewalk. You see all the tracks so they’ve been going back-and-forth through to get through where they need to go.” 

The water is also unsanitary. 

Neighbors are calling on the city to address problem immediately, while saying that putting up a wooden barricade that gets knocked down isn’t good enough. 

“Just because people are living in Cherry Hill doesn’t mean they’re lost souls,” White said. “Just help people out. This is an inconvenience. Just because I’m down here doesn’t mean I don’t mean anything or that I’m not worth nothing to nobody." 

WMAR 2 News reached out to Baltimore City Department of Public Works about the flooding situation. 

In response, a spokesperson said: 

“We meet with the community monthly to update them on the flood mitigation project. We are actively working in the community to address this concern.” 

WMAR-2 asked follow-up questions about details and timeline on when the project would be complete. We have not heard back.