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Baltimore teen launches landscaping business with skills learned through community cleanups

Posted at 6:18 PM, Nov 16, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-16 18:18:21-05

BALTIMORE — A teen on the city's northwest side is taking the skills he learned from neighborhood trash cleanups and applying it to his own business.

14-year-old Duwond Buie told WMAR-2 News he's been busy bagging leaves since starting launching his business over the weekend. He says the most work is where the trees are. For Buie that means a home's backyard.

"The backyard because that’s where most of the leaves are, because the trees in the back of your house and it’s a lot of leaves that fall down so it takes a lot of time to do," he said.

Buie learned the bagging and clean up skills while participating in neighborhood cleanups. The cleanups, organized by Baltimore Clean Streets, take place every Saturday.

"We just celebrated our 25th week since we launched the project on the northwest side," said Baltimore Clean Streets Northwest Director, Sean Stinnett. "It’s confidence building. It’s communion building. It’s financial literacy. They get that money. They know it’s right. The budget her money. They use it for school supplies. Some use it to buy groceries. It's their money."

Duwond's mom Sharon has helped him save and reinvest. The money is put in the bank and taken out when her son wants certain things. Sharon has also helped her son invest in his new venture.

"I have three shovels, two rakes, and trash bags," said Duwond.

"I’m real proud of what Duwond is doing and the investment that Baltimore Clean Streets and the men running it have made in Duwond and all the other youth," said Sharon Buie.

Baltimore Clean Streets is a non-profit organization that organizes teens from various neighborhoods to come together and participate in community cleanups. The teens work for three hours of work, earning $30 at the end of their shift.

"I never thought it would lead to what I'm doing now," said Duwond.

"The program is really great," said Sharon. "I help make lunch for them. It's really a community effort."

If you'd like more information on Baltimore Clean Streets you can visit the organization's Facebook page. Just click here.

If you're interested in donating, you can email

The nonprofit also accepts donations though CashApp: @sastinnett.