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Baltimore Police report more than 40 robberies over the weekend

Posted at 6:24 PM, Apr 04, 2022

BALTIMORE — Baltimore City Police was on alert this past weekend.

The department responded to more than 40 robberies over that short span.

"It's sad that you have to be on such an alert, as if you were entering into a war zone to get home safely or to get to work safely,” said Sheila McMoore, who walks to and from work everyday.

McMoore says she constantly finds her self looking over her shoulder. and 44 robberies over the weekend, across the city don't exactly ease her anxiety.

"My main concern is watching out so that if something happens I don't become a statistic,” McMoore said. "You got women, children, elderly people who are just afraid to come out of their house because they don't know if they're going to make it back home."

Violent crime hits close to home for McMoore who’s lost several family members to violence, including a cousin murdered just months ago and another cousin Gerald Brown, a star athlete killed back in 2019

"I think when people get hopeless they abandon being civil and do terrible things,” said Dr. Glen Triesman, a Professor at Johns Hopkins.

McMoore and Dr. Triesman both find themselves grappling with the reality that victims of these violent crimes haven't been hard to find, whether it's in their personal or professional lives.

Johns Hopkins Medicine confirmed that Madhu Subramanian, an assistant professor of surgery, was treated and released from the hospital Friday.

"Very well loved surgeon here and he was injured in a shooting when people tried to carjack him I understand, a person here in the city trying to help people in the city gets treated that way makes people more hopeless not less hopeless.” Triesman said.

Though the stats don't make McMoore's walks to and from work any shorter or safer, she says she'll just keep walking..

“I refuse to be held in bondage because others don't value others lives. I still have to live,” she told WMAR 2 News.