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Baltimore Police adding new civilian positions to the department

Baltimore Police Department Patch
Posted at 2:06 PM, Apr 14, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-14 18:17:11-04

BALTIMORE — Baltimore Police will be adding new civilian positions to the department in an effort to build staffing capacity and maximize the department's resources.

New civilian investigative specialist positions will increase the current detective force and allow civilian investigators to manage low-level property crimes, cold cases, background checks, intelligence gathering and internal affair matters.

The BPD civilianization proposal for FY2023 calls for:

  • 35 Investigative Specialists to be hired in FY2023, with more than 135 additional positions identified for future civilianization efforts scheduled for FY2024-FY2026
  • Redeployment of Property Officers to Patrol and hiring ten civilian positions to perform facilities and fleet maintenance duties
  • 12 civilian support positions to enhance capacity at the Telephone Reporting Unit (TRU)
  • Restoring civilian positions cut from the 2021 budget

Some additional areas that civilians may staff include:

  • Crime Scene Technicians
  • District Detective Unit
  • Cold Case Unit
  • Internal Affairs
  • Forensics Unit
  • Executive Secretaries
  • Fleet Support
  • Recruitment/Human Resources
  • Academy Instructors
  • IT Specialists and Support
  • Fiscal Services
  • Background Investigators
  • Crime Analytics
  • Public Relations
  • Records Management
  • 911 Dispatchers

“This plan is not about taking away jobs from sworn members of the department. It is about growing the department and creating additional civilian capacity while being smart about how we deploy officers,” said Police Commissioner Michael S. Harrison. “We are aligning our staffing plan and our budget resources to bring qualified professional staff to work alongside our officers to prevent, deter and reduce crime more effectively.”