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Baltimore outreach helping young men grow to expand with new headquarters

Posted at 5:24 PM, Jul 22, 2022

BALTIMORE — A Baltimore outreach organization is getting a new headquarters.

Organizers say the building will help make a difference for nearly 200 young men.

"Next one up" focuses on mentoring young men in the city and helps them plan for the future.

The organization now plans to move into a 14-000-square foot space at Belvedere Square.

The building will have workout areas, study rooms tutors and mental health resources.

“We're helping to build and create the most complete 18-year-old, a student who can walk out of high school and be prepared for college or prepared for the workforce, and that's what we're accomplishing with this space. All the academic support that young kids need," founder Matt Hanna said.

Right now, "Next one up" only operates one day a week. With the new space, it can run every day.

The new building is set to open next year.