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Baltimore man facing 200 years for April 2019 homicide

Posted at 4:22 PM, Oct 08, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-08 16:24:16-04

BALTIMORE — A Baltimore man is facing 200 years in a April 2019 homicide.

At around 11:17 a.m., on April 11, 2019, police were alerted by Shotspotter of multiple gunshots in the area near Mondawmin. Upon arrival, they found four victims. Levar Mullen-El ultimately died from his injuries and three other individuals suffered gunshot wounds but survived.

Homicide detectives responded to the scene at the 2200 block of Ruskin Avenue. Crime lab technicians responded and recovered multiple 9mm and .40 caliber casings.

Investigators located a surveillance camera which showed a suspected vehicle park in that block with four individuals, all dressed in black, exiting the vehicle, head south towards the 2200 block of Ruskin, and then return a brief time later.

A fifth suspect remained in the vehicle as the driver.

Police were able to identify the vehicle and found the vehicle was present at both the shooting scene on April 11as well as at the scene of another murder the night before, where two individuals, Marcus Alston and Diarah Baxter, were killed.

On April 17, police located the vehicle with Donte Patterson seated on the hood of the vehicle. The vehicle was towed pending a search and seizure warrant.

On April 19, his vehicle was processed by Crime Lab Technicians and detectives performed an extraction of Patterson's cell phone which revealed several pieces of evidence, including a video that was created an hour before the murder with Patterson wearing clothing consistent with the individuals that exited the Infiniti and seated in a vehicle with a handgun on his lap.

His sentencing is scheduled for January 12, 2022.