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Baltimore County student-athletes held 'Let us play' rallies Wednesday in opposition to recent BCPS sports decision

Posted at 10:05 PM, Mar 03, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-03 23:17:20-05

BALTIMORE COUNTY, Md. — Dozens of students from Sparrows Point High School rallied Wednesday with a message for Baltimore County Public Schools. They chanted, "Let us play!"

"I love athletics," said senior cheerleader Haley DeRita. "It's a way to relieve stress, anxiety and more. We love what we do."

DeRita and her peers gathered at Edgemere Icy Delights to protest the recent decision by the district leaders. Sports that were canceled in the fall due to the coronavirus were set to begin Friday in Baltimore County, but district officials canceled them again.

"It’s one thing one minute," said DeRita. "It keeps going back-and-forth and we don’t know how to feel."

The students chanted "let us play" and held signs, urging the Baltimore County Public School system to allow fall sports that were canceled to be allowed in the spring. Similar scenes played out all across the county.

Various sports teams from Dulaney High School shot videos where they chanted "let us play."

Organizers with Baltimore County Parent and Student Coalition put out a call, asking sports teams to make a video. They plan to submit them to various media outlets and the school district.

"It’s about the kids, because all these kids are not being able to or not being able to be recruited," said BCPSC parent Dave Patrick. "They’re not being able to get out to get seen and it’s time to get to and it’s time to get them back on the field playing games."

Right now, students are allowed to practice, but sports matchups are canceled. District officials said they are basing their decision on guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Parents said they will keep pressing with their message through phone calls and emails.

The Baltimore County Board of Education is set to meet next week.

The students who gathered for the rally said they hope the school system hears them and decides to change its plan.

"We can’t compete. We can’t go to games. They took our stunts away," said varsity cheerleader Bailey Schmincke. "Our stunts are what make us a cheer team. Like, without our stance we have nothing. It's like playing soccer without a ball."