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Baltimore County files lawsuit against JUUL Labs

Posted at 2:43 PM, Dec 23, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-23 14:43:37-05

BALTIMORE COUNTY — Baltimore County Executive Johnny Olszewski announced that the County has filed a lawsuit against JUUL Labs.

They are alleging that the e-cigarette maker intentionally marketed its products to children and spread deceptive information about its products, contributing to widespread e-cigarette use among young people and a new epidemic of nicotine addiction.

The County alleges that it was forced to divert resources and take action to protect public health, as JUUL Labs marketed its products to young people and exposed them to a host of potential health risks.

“Nicotine and e-cigarette consumption comes with significant, lifelong health risks, and Baltimore County has an obligation to protect the health of our youngest residents,” Olszewski said. “By taking legal action, we are highlighting those health risks – which include impacts to the heart, lungs, and brain – and holding accountable corporations who market these substances to young people.”

According to the lawsuit, JUUL Labs used advertising techniques that have been long-banned for tobacco products, such as using bright, fun themes that attract young people.

In addition, JUUL ran advertisements on websites for children, such as Nick Junior and Cartoon Network, and paid young social media influencers to promote the product online.

Baltimore County joins a number of state and local jurisdictions from across the United States who have taken legal action against JUUL Labs, including five other Maryland jurisdictions: Montgomery, Howard, Frederick, Garrett and Anne Arundel counties.