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Baltimore councilman pushes fining Public Works for not picking up trash, recycling

Posted at 5:24 PM, Jun 27, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-28 12:00:46-04

BALTIMORE — Baltimore City Council will address trash problems at Monday's meeting.

One city council member wants to fine the Department of Public Works for not doing their jobs.

Baltimore City Council member Isaac Schleifer is talking about the city’s recycle and trash pick-up.

He said the law requires the Department of Public Works to pick up trash and recycling once a week.

Baltimore curbside recycling pickups

Schleifer said the Department of Public Works has now rotated that it every other week recycle pick up.

“Repeatedly, they've been blaming it on the workers, leadership’s fault,” Schleifer said.

The councilman said surrounding counties and jurisdictions are having no problems completing their pick-up even with the difficulties the pandemic brought.

He added that this is basically about money, and that if the Department of Public Works is reducing their services, they shouldn't expect the budget they've had in the past.

“If you're having struggles, don't ask us to give you the same budget,” Schleifer said.

The councilman is offering a bill that says the Director of the Department of Public Works will be fined $1,000 for every week they do not perform their duties.

He said this is only right because the public still gets fines if they don't take care of the trash on their own property.

"They'll come out and site you,” Schleifer said.

In response, DPW said Monday that it was their goal to resume weekly recycling "as soon as possible."

However they added those services could not be restarted until they could be "performed safely, effectively, timely, and equitably; that is, with fully trained workers, without delays, and throughout the entire City."

As for all other solid waste pickup, the department said it was aiming to restore those services to pre-pandemic levels by the end of July.