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Baltimore City to launch pilot guaranteeing monthly salary to some low-income families

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Posted at 11:24 AM, Feb 09, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-09 11:28:05-05

BALTIMORE — Baltimore City is in the process of launching a pilot program that would guarantee some low-income city residents a monthly income.

The salary would be paid without any restrictions for up to two-years.

Generally 100-200 recipients are selected and paid anywhere from $500 to $1000 per month.

So how does one qualify?

Some U.S. cities already participating in similar programs randomly select recipients from low-income rolls, while others target specific populations such as single African-American mothers and undocumented immigrants.

In Baltimore, Mayor Brandon Scott is planning to form a steering committee to determine details and specifications of the pilot. The committee will be co-chaired by Danielle Torain, Director of OSI-Baltimore, and Joe Jones, President and CEO of the Center for Urban Families.

Upon its expected launch in the fall, the Mayor’s Office of Children & Family Success will lead the pilot.

Up to $500,000 of initial funding could be available for Baltimore's pilot.

Normally funding is made available through philanthropy and federal resources such as the CARES Act.

Officials say the ultimate goal is to get the federal government to begin a universal guaranteed income program. They claim such programs give residents an opportunity to catch up on expenses and gain financial security.

Right now, at least 11 other cities nationwide have already implemented or committed to start a similar program.