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Baltimore bi-partisan group pushes for tougher gun laws

Posted at 7:10 PM, Feb 07, 2022

ANNAPOLIS — Everyone agrees the city has seen too many shootings and too many murders.

Tuesday a bi-partisan group from the city will head to Annapolis to have their voices heard.

The group #SaveBaltimore will be on Lawyers Mall at 9:00 a.m. to share their concerns with politicians.

“It's just a tragedy that's going on a daily basis,” said group member Douglas Hamilton. “We have seven consecutive years in a row of 300 murders a year in Baltimore and there's just too many of us standing by, too many politicians standing by and wringing their hands saying there's nothing that can be done. We need the two sides to come together and advocate for intelligent bipartisan solutions.”

#SaveBaltimore’s main goal is to get politicians to take a hard look at Governor Larry Hogan's crime bills that increase punishment for repeat offenders and those that use guns in the commission of a crime.