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Audit reveals issues impacting homes, homeless in Baltimore

Posted at 5:32 PM, May 18, 2022

BALTIMORE — Several issues face those experiencing homelessness in Baltimore.

In an audit released Wednesday, Baltimore’s Comptroller found these issues include a lack of monitoring from the Mayor’s Office of Homeless Services, causing delays in those in need getting help finding a home.

The audit found it takes someone, on average, 248 days to get housing.

The city’s goal is 30 days or less.

Another issue facing those in need of a home in Baltimore is an issue seen nationwide; a lack of affordable housing.

It's the reasoning behind a goal in 2022 for Baltimore.

That goal is to re-house 1,000 families who are homeless and to build 1,605 affordable homes.

At a news conference on that goal Wednesday, one man who has experienced intermittent homelessness spoke about what having a home now means for his life.

“In the shelter, I met people that are still there today and I'm still in contact with,” said Freddie Jackson Jr. “My case manager helped me apply for housing, and we found out that I qualified for an emergency housing voucher, and I moved into my apartment last month, and I really love it. I really do. I've encouraged my friends still at the shelter to follow these steps. And work with that case manager just so they can have the same outcome that I have.”

Baltimore's goal is part of the House America program-- which the Department of Housing and Urban Development is running

Nearly 100 cities and towns nationwide are a part of it with money for the program coming through the American Rescue plan.