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California man plotted to kill Supreme Court justice Brett Kavanaugh at his Maryland home

Suicidal suspect found with pistol, zip ties called police on himself
Brett Kavanaugh sworn in as Supreme Court justice
Posted at 11:47 AM, Jun 08, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-23 10:47:49-04

BALTIMORE — An armed California man was arrested overnight Wednesday, near the Maryland home of Supreme Court justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Federal court documents say two U.S. Deputy Marshals saw 26-year-old Nicholas Roske being dropped off in a taxicab in front of Kavanaugh's Montgomery County residence.

At the time prosecutors say Roske was carrying a backpack and suitcase. He apparently made eye contact with the marshals, and started walking down the street.

That's when he called 911 on himself to report feeling suicidal. While on the phone with the dispatcher, Roske allegedly claimed to have a gun in his suitcase and said he'd traveled to Maryland to kill Kavanaugh.

Inside the suitcase police recovered a Glock pistol, tactical vest, knife, zip ties, duct tape, hammer, screw driver, and crowbar.

During an interview with federal agents, Roske said he was targeting Kavanaugh over a leaked draft that suggests the the court is on the verge of overturning Roe v. Wade, the nation's landmark abortion case.

He also expressed anger about the recent mass school shooting in Texas, and held the view that Kavanaugh would side against future gun control laws.

According to charging documents, Roske pondered how to give his life purpose and decided the way to do that would be to break into Kavanaugh's home and kill him before committing suicide.

Roske has since been federally indicted for attempting to assassinate a Supreme Court Justice. If convicted, he faces a maximum life sentence behind bars.

Since the Roe v. Wade opinion leaked, protesters have flocked to the homes of the court's conservative justices presenting concerns over their safety.

Security for the justices has increased, but some leaders in Congress say it's not enough.

Governor Larry Hogan also issued a statement urging lawmakers to strongly condemn threats of violence against the justices, so they may carry out their duties without fear.

“I call on leaders in both parties in Washington to strongly condemn these actions in no uncertain terms. It is vital to our constitutional system that the justices be able to carry out their duties without fear of violence against them and their families.”