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Anne Arundel to allow fans on limited basis during upcoming fall high school sports season

Posted at 12:37 PM, Mar 15, 2021

ANNE ARUNDEL COUNTY — Anne Arundel County Public Schools will allow fans at fall sporting events on a limited basis.

Student-athletes, team managers, and coaches can invite up to two spectators to each contest in which their team participates during the upcoming fall athletics season.

The plan will allow for invited fans from both home and visiting teams to attend games, which begin on March 23, provided they comply with all COVID-19 related protocols, policies, and guidelines. Those include, but are not limited to:

  • wearing a mask at all times
  • maintaining physical distance of at least 6 feet (family members may be closer)
  • utilization of hand sanitizer available at all entrance and exit points
  • not attending any event while symptomatic of an illness

Schools will announce gate opening times for all stadium and gymnasium events. Admission will be free.

Fans cannot congregate outside venues and must remain in their cars until the gates or doors open.

Fans for events held in school stadiums and gymnasiums will receive tickets to those events from the participant who invites them to the contest.

Those attending other contests will receive lanyards from the participant who invites them to those contests. Tickets and lanyards are the responsibility of the participants to disperse for each contest.

All fans must have tickets or lanyards when they arrive at the venue. There will be no ticket pickup and no extra tickets or lanyards available. No one without a ticket or lanyard will be permitted to remain at a venue.

Fans cannot congregate in groups in parking lots or at contest venues, and must not interact with student-athletes before, during, or after events.

When they enter a facility for an athletic contest, all fans must go directly to their seats and remain seated throughout the contest to the extent possible.

Fans are discouraged from yelling, chanting, or singing, and should consider ways to safely cheer such as stomping or clapping.

Concession stands will also not be open, though restrooms will be open. No outside food or beverages other than bottled water can be brought to venues, and spectators must take empty water bottles with them as they leave venues.

Contests will be open only to participants, officials, invited spectators, and the media.

Other student-athletes and fans may not congregate around venues and will be asked to leave if they do so. In extreme cases, violations of the health and safety guidelines could force a contest to be halted.

AACPS employee or other identification badges or passes cannot be used to gain admission to events.

The number of spectators at some venues may have to be further limited due to capacity restrictions.

Athletics schedules are subject to change due to weather or other conditions.