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Annapolis resident develops Daylyy social media app that allows 'authentic' you

Posted at 10:46 PM, Jun 30, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-30 23:16:33-04

ANNAPOLIS — A world without clicks, no likes, no filters, no fakes. A social media app that cares about your mental health.

It’s not from Palo Alto or Seattle. It’s not from Zuckerberg or Musk.

It comes from Austin Anderson, from Annapolis.

Fresh out of the College of Charleston, this Severna Park native thinks the world is ready for his Daylyy App.

You cannot download photos, meaning you can’t add filters. You can’t stage a moment. The only thing you can do is be authentic and in the moment.

It's like a photo gallery of your daily life, with no commenting, no opportunities to bully or be judgmental.

“We are already all over the globe, and we need three more states and we just launched five weeks ago,” Anderson said.

Anderson has an office off of Chinquapin Round Road in Annapolis.

He said he plans to rewire the way we think of social media.

Anderson wants more people to post more and worry less about impressing others.

“Life is not a highlight real,” Anderson said.

He is on a mission to boost mental health and promote belonging around the world. You can download Daylyy on the App Store and Google Play.