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Annapolis Military Bowl canceled one day before game

Posted at 6:36 PM, Dec 27, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-27 18:42:14-05

ANNAPOLIS — Annapolis city was looking for a little holiday cheer from the Military Bowl and the tens of thousands of fans it brings in to the city... and then the game was canceled Sunday when they were to play Monday.

East Carolina and Boston College were set to play.

Boston College pulled put because of a COVID spread amongst the team. The parade before the game and many other activities were canceled as well. Disappointing for the teams and the city.

"We missed the parade, we missed the Clydesdales, we miss the customers"

Linda Mann is the owner of Shades by the Bay on Main Street.

"Unfortunately for them they traveled out of state to come see us. Hopefully they found something to do."

Oh, they found something to do...

We're used to seeing purple in Annapolis but, that's Raven's Black and purple, this is East Carolina purple and gold.

"When you see somebody in purple and gold, you know they've been to Greenville, they understand"

Kely Thorndyke and his crew came in town for the game. Their tailgate party moved to form the stadium parking lot to Main Street.

"We're going to stick around for today and make sure we hit the shops, you know just enjoyed experience."

A lot of people are upset that the ball game was canceled but because the cancellation was so late it wasn't a complete financial bust for the city.

"Not only did we not cancel, we're gonna be here for 4 days."

Ben Mckenzie was here when East Carolina played Navy. They enjoyed the town so much they came back for the bowl game. Many people figured if we can't watch football we better find something else to do.

"Making sure we stopped at as many places and you know it was nice. A bunch of people out here."

For the McKenzie clan, they are gonna take the advise of any good football coach... after a bad play, forget it and move on.

"Day one has exceeded expectations and were looking forward to days 2 through 4."