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African American leaders announce Annapolis will be deemed a 'Port Marker' town

Posted at 7:27 PM, Nov 01, 2022
and last updated 2022-11-01 19:31:48-04

ANNAPOLIS, Md. — African American leaders in Annapolis announced our capital city will be a Port Marker town. That will make Annapolis a "Site of Memory".

"Captured Africans after the journey where they step on land the first time is a Site of Memory," said Janice Hayes-Williams, a Port Marker historian.

This designation was endorsed by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Orgnaization, UNESCO. When slaves were brough to North America, they were stripped of their African clothes and names and given Amercanized names and attire.

"When we came here we lost all our heritage the drums, our clothing, now it's time to go back and retrieve the history for our youths. We are the descendants," said Hayes-Williams.

Annapolis will be one of 43 port marker towns in North America.

"There are two million Africans who have died at sea," Hayes-Williams said.

The purpose of the site is to educate residents and visitors about Annapolis' connection and relevance to national and global history.

"This city embraces that history because it's the truth and when you really become a better society," said Mayor Gavin Buckley.

The port markers are expected to be installed in about a month and a half. The markers will range form New Hampshire to Texas in the United States.