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AAA: Maryland's gas prices jumped 7 cents overnight amid east coast fuel shortage

Statewide average sits at $3.01
Gas prices are up across the country
Posted at 1:25 PM, May 13, 2021

NOTTINGHAM, Md. — Maryland's gas prices jumped 7 cents overnight Thursday amid a fuel shortage along the east coast, according to a new AAA report.

Today’s statewide average now sits at $3.01, the first time prices in Maryland have reached the $3 mark since 2014.

Meanwhile, the national average hit $3.00 for the first time in seven years on Wednesday.

The Colonial Pipeline cyberattack has caused widespread gas shortages along the southeastern United States and parts of the East Coast including Maryland.

It's caused many gas stations throughout the state to run out of fuel, forcing them to close.

Those still open are experiencing higher gas prices and long lines at the pumps, prompting residents to stock up where they can.

As of Thursday morning, Colonial Pipeline said on their website they have “made substantial progress in safely restarting our pipeline system and can report that product delivery has commenced in a majority of the markets we service. By mid-day today, we project that each market we service will be receiving product from our system.”

Despite that, officials say it could be days before supply returns to normal.

“While an immediate impact won’t be seen and motorists in affected areas can expect to see a few more days of limited fuel supply, relief is coming," said Ragina C. Ali, Public and Government Affairs Manager at AAA Mid-Atlantic. "Station pumps will be full of fuel in several days."

Governor Larry Hogan has authorized the Maryland Department of Transportation to take emergency measures, including waiving weight restrictions and hours-of-service requirements for motor carriers to help lessen the impact.