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A taste of Deutschland in Baltimore

Posted at 11:29 PM, Mar 31, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-31 23:39:30-04

BALTIMORE — If you came here for an argument. It is over. No argument here when it comes to naming the best German sausage in Baltimore.

Hands down it is Binkert’s on Philadelphia Road in Rosedale.

Egon Binkert and his wife Jrmgard came to America from Germany in 1953. Egon went to work making sausage at Schaefer’s on Kenwood Avenue. Then in 1963 he bought land in Rosedale and opened his shop.

It was wholesale at first, then retail. His only daughter Sonya took over and was joined by her husband Lothar.

Sonya says, “Since I’m the only child, I think my father would be proud I kept the business going.”

They come from all over. On walkers. From Richmond, Virginia.

Sonya says, “We even deliver every single week to the German embassy”

Since they are inspected every day by the USDA, Binkert’s can cross state lines with product. They create custom sausages.

You can select the meat you want, the spices and the style and they will create the dish the way you want it. As Lothar says, “We haven’t change a thing since '63 and we are the last of its kind”

Argument? No argument here.