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A scammer is luring people on Facebook selling their cars and using fake checks to buy them

Jury duty scam comes back to parts of Maryland
Posted at 3:45 PM, May 12, 2021

FREDERICK, Md. — Investigators with the Frederick County Sheriff Office are looking into multiple cases of fraud where phony cashier’s checks are being written to victims selling their vehicles.

Detectives say the suspect tracks listings of cars for sale on Facebook, and usually calls sellers from phone number 240-270-6662, identifying himself as "Michael Dunham."

He then sends a "friend or family member" to look at the vehicle before telling the victim he wants to purchase.

Afterwards, the suspect sends an "assistant" to complete the transaction with phony cashier’s checks.

The victims normally deposit the checks into their bank accounts, hands over the keys and signs the title over to the suspect.

Days later, the bank notifies the victim that the cashier’s checks are fake.

Currently, there are currently several open related cases in Frederick County.

The two most recent scams have totaled nearly $95,000.00, according to officials.

If you have experienced this scam or have any information, contact 301-600-1046.