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150 Baltimore City voters assigned to wrong precincts leading up to primary election

Posted at 11:35 AM, Jun 21, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-21 11:35:15-04

BALTIMORE — Baltimore City's Board of Elections has confirmed 150 voters were assigned to the wrong precinct leading up to this year's primary elections.

Officials say 37 voters were incorrectly placed within precinct 27-17 (Legislative District 43A), when they should have been in precinct 27-18 (Legislative District 45).

The impacted voters reside between 4500 and 4523 Hampnett Avenue, and from 2301 to 2303 and 2305 to 2909 Halcyon Avenue.

Another 113 voters were incorrectly listed as being in precinct 27-18 (Legislative District 45), instead of precinct, 27-17 (Legislative District 43A).  

Those voters reside between 2401 and 2409 E. Coldspring Lane and from 4200 to 4713 Elsrode Avenue.

Of the 150 affected voters —  37 requested a mail-in ballot, one of which was web delivery.  They will be issued new mail-in ballots.

All 150 voters have since been placed back into their rightful precincts, said the Board. Each will also receive a new voter registration card in the mail.