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106-year-old woman shares the importance of getting vaccinated

Posted at 6:28 PM, Feb 04, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-04 18:28:20-05

CATONSVILLE, Md. — 106 sounds like an FM radio station, but 106 is how old Jennie Libertini will be tomorrow.

She is the oldest to ever walk the face of the earth at St Martin's home in Catonsville. She is being taken care of by the Little Sisters of the Poor on Maiden Choice Lane.

I know you want to meet this treasure of a lady and do not worry, she has had her COVID-19 shots. She can't remember which arm they went in, but she got them and with no side effects!

Here's a lady who lived through the "No Spit" era of the 1918 pandemic and now she is living through another pandemic. Today, WMAR had a chance to give Jennie her first shot on Zoom. She said it was very important to get vaccinated.

Jennie grew up in downtown Baltimore. Her mom and dad lived by the Bel Air Market, where dad ran a little store.

She worked, "27 years at Social Security."

Her motto is, "just live good."

Jennie never smoked. Drank wine only on holidays and she may have dropped a curse word here and there over 106 years.

She was married and raised one son, Michael who she lived with until he died at the age of 86. Jennie lived with a friend until her friend had to go back to work.

She moved over to Little Sisters a month ago and came in without the aid of a walker! She had nothing. No clothes. No belongings. The sisters rallied. They quickly stocked her wardrobe and did her hair.

Happy 106th Jennie!