Jim Shea's issues

What he would focus on if he were Governor
Posted at 7:18 PM, Jun 11, 2018

Jim Shea and Brandon Scott say they want to invest in the future of Maryland. Their campaign indicates that they hope to bring a fresh perspective to the Governor's office. Click here to see his entire campaign site. 


  • Create a program for universal access to pre-k
  • Devote resources to programs that assist disadvantaged students, like community schools and after-school programs
  • Develop a rigorous curriculum that is benchmarked against international standards and ends our reliance on high-stakes testing
  • I will create a funding system that treats and compensates Maryland’s educators
  • Ensure that our high school graduate students who are college or career ready
  • Will propose an increase in funding for K-12 education that at least matches the projected growth of the State’s General Fund budget


  • Invest in transportation to reap long-term benefits rather than focusing on short-term returns
  • Invest in transportation infrastructure in Western Maryland, Southern Maryland, and the Eastern Shore
  • Undo Governor Hogan’s decision to cancel the Red line
  • Push for clear accountability standards including
  • Adhering to the Transportation Scoring Bill
  • Instituting a board that oversees MTA
  • Making ridership data available for all of Maryland’s public transportation system
  • Integrate Baltimore and Washington, D. C’s transit system so they use the same payment technology to provide a more fluid service to Marylanders

Jobs and Wage Growth:

  • Shea administration will train Marylanders for the jobs of today and prepare Marylanders for the jobs of tomorrow
  • Build our economy from the middle out to create a dynamic middle class
  • Work with private and public-sector employers to expand economic opportunity so that workers across the state can provide for their families and save for college and retirement


  • Encourage growth in the agricultural sector without compromising our commitment to protecting the environment
  • Partner with farm workers
  • Be an advocate for important industries such as crab harvesting, poultry farming, horse breeding, winemaking, and more
  • I pledge to make sure that agricultural workers of all backgrounds go to work every day with the peace of mind
  • Ensure our agriculture industry remains a source of pride and prosperity for decades to come


  • Make investments to ensure that the treasure of the Chesapeake Bay is protected from pollution, climate change, and rising sea levels
  • Expanding investments in Maryland’s renewable energy industry and upgrading the state’s infrastructure
  • Encourage economic growth, especially in our agriculture sector
  • Ensure that the Department of the Environment and the Attorney General’s Office have the resources they need for inspection and enforcement
  • Protect our clean waterways to support our watermen and the fishing industry


  • Ensure that Marylander’s laws and priorities regarding immigrants’ rights are fair
  • Support DACA and the protections it has provided to so many families, and I will work to see it passed at the federal level
  • Shea doesn’t believe that the state and local police should be tasked with enforcing federal immigration laws
  • Ensure to make sure that all Marylanders, particularly those who come to our state as immigrants, feel safe and welcomed

Health Care:

  • Affordable healthcare
  • Work with schools, especially community schools, to ensure that children are being cared for and develop proper and healthy habits
  • Convene those with a vested interest to find workable solutions that provide more quality and affordable healthcare to Marylander

Public Safety:

  • Target violent crime and illegal gun possession while working to reform policing and restore community trust in law enforcement
  • Work with the Maryland Attorney General to harness the newly passed Maryland RICO statute to dismantle violent criminal organizations across the state
  • Ensure that Maryland law enforcement has the latest technology at their disposal to fight crime effectively
  • Fund programs like ROCA and Safe Streets, which interact with troubled youths and ex-offenders
  • Attack drug addiction as a health issue and deflate the demand for drugs that drives violent organized crime


  • Reconsider how pharmaceutical companies market opioids to doctors
  • Reconsider how doctors prescribe opioids to our citizens
  • Establish treatment programs throughout the state
  • Expand our outreach efforts to the most vulnerable parts of our population to bring access to treatment t those who don’t have the resources or ability to get to rehabilitation centers
  • Train our emergency healthcare personnel on latest in overdose treatment and fund programs to increase the availability of the lifesaving drug naloxone