James Hugh Jones II's issues

What he would focus on if he were Governor
Posted at 8:53 AM, Jun 05, 2018

James High Jones II says his plan as governor is to not be a typical politician. Here is his plan if he were Governor of Maryland. 


  • Re-build schools so that they are safe
  • Give teachers a better salary
  • Lower classroom sizes
  • To protect our children and provide the money for a better quality education


  • Plans on bringing affordable health care for seniors


  • Lower crime
  • Get people off the streets and into job training programs
  • Put felons into job training that equals employment


  • To restore trust in government
  • To build better relationships with local government
  • Return the power of choice back to the people of Maryland
  • Drug programs that make sense and work
  • Create homeownership programs for low-income families
  • Renovate houses so that people with low incomes can own their homes
  • End homelessness