Is the Vatican really opening up to LGBT community?

Posted at 3:05 PM, Oct 13, 2014

As a number of high-profile bishops convene in Rome to talk about — or listen to other people talk about — sex and divorce and other things bishops don't usually talk about, there are signs the Catholic Church might be opening up.

In particular, what the meeting — or synod — says about the church's stance on homosexuality, and the news that it might be changing, has attracted a lot of attention.

Much of it is centered on a document the church put out noting the progress of the synod so far, reproduced here by Vatican Radio, which says, "The Synod Fathers noted that homosexual persons have gifts and talents to offer the Christian community and that pastoral outreach to them is an important educative challenge."

The church has traditionally viewed gay relationships as "disordered," and although that didn't necessarily change with this synod, recognizing the importance of outreach to the gay community represents a shift. 

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