Warrior Salute enlisting donors, non-profits in the fight to support veterans

Maryland organizations seeing $1,000's in funding
Warrior Salute Supporting Fight for Vets Issues
Warrior Salute Supporting Fight for Vets Issues
Posted at 6:37 PM, Nov 09, 2016
It was a chilly October morning, but hundreds of golfers were still excited for a day on the links at the Whiskey Creek Golf Club.
Michael Reilly isn't much of a golfer. His mind is on service men and women.
"They're not always whole," he said. "The biggest impact probably on me is being able to put a smile on somebody's face. Let them have a good time."
Reilly co-founded Warrior Salute, a non-profit that helps other non-profits raise money through big events. 
"Our organization is more like a facilitator," says Reilly, "and we are able to raise funding for our sister charities. It's amazing."

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Money raised at the annual Fall Charity Golf Tournament benefited three different charities: Hire Our Heroes, Young Marines and the Maryland based Paws4People. Reilly said he'll be able to write an over $20,000 check to each charity.
That's enough for Paws4People to raise and train a service dog for a veteran like Air Force Master Sergeant Jason Maloney. One year ago, Maloney said he wouldn't be able to attend the tournament because of PTSD symptoms.
"It's just a built up ball of energy and you have no way to let it out," Maloney said. "My wife and I would take separate cars, so I could just leave when I got overwhelmed from anxiety."
Today, Maloney attended without his wife, but he's not alone. Now, he has Kaesler, a 4-month-old puppy assigned by the non-profit.
"It's more than just a relationship. It's a companionship," Maloney said.
Kaesler can tell when Maloney is anxious, alert him to symptoms and keep his mind off of negative thoughts. Maloney said being with Kaesler has made a huge difference. Thanks to donations from events like Warrior Salute's golf tournament, he hasn't had to pay a dime.
"We can see the good in giving that check," Reilly said. "Being able to purchase a dog that a recipient's going to get, and let them change their life."
Warrior Salute holds fundraisers all over the country. Next year's Fall Charity Golf Tournament is scheduled for October 13, 2017 in Charleston, SC.
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