Study finds simple game can improve kids' math skills

Posted at 7:13 PM, Jun 15, 2016

Doctors say extra sleep helps improve test scores, but a new study shows playing a simple game can help kids perform better in math. 

Researchers at Johns Hopkins found engaging kids in a computerized counting game drastically boosts their math scores. 

The game starts with two collections of dots flashed quickly across the computer screen. It happens so fast, that kids cannot count. They have to rely on their intuition to decide which side of the screen has more dots on it.

The preschoolers played the game for five minutes then took part of a standardized math test. Researchers think the game sharpens a child's ability by exposing them to something simple before moving onto something complicated. 

The next stage of the research is to find out how long the impact of the simple game lasts and to see if it works in a classroom setting. 

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