Snowfall causes several roof collapses

Posted at 7:18 PM, Jan 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-26 07:57:55-05

Along Falls Road in Hampden is a good look at what can happen when snow is too much for a porch.

The front roofs of three homes right in a row collapsed Saturday evening under what became the immense pressure of our historic snowfall.

Passersby just getting out for the first time were wowed by the scene.

"I was checking on another house on Hickory over here and just stopped because it's terrible but impressive just the power of the snow that it has yeah."

Rob McIver was checking on his Hampden rental property and stopped to take a look at these homes.
He knows if not for regular maintenance, it could very well have been him.

"These houses are all old. This neighborhood, the houses are all old and you hope it is just not your turn to have something like that happen."

Unfortunately it was this White Marsh homeowner's turn.

The front porch of this house buckled under the weight of the snow as well.

But that image pales in comparison to what the snow weight did to the gym of Concordia Prep off Cromwell Bridge Road in Baltimore County.

There you can see a giant portion of the permanent tent structure was torn down creating a massive gap.

It is a facility both the school and many in the neighborhood use.

"It's a real tragedy. It's a great facility, kids can play there. It's a great loss to the school I feel terrible for them,” said resident Karen Ceresini.