Reward increase in 1996 Balt. Co. cold case

Posted at 5:30 PM, May 16, 2016
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They are identical twin sisters, born two minutes apart.  Jenny and Joann, who went by Jody, were inseparable growing up.  If they didn't see each other, they talked on the phone every day.

But that stopped March 2nd 1996.

"When we first found out, I immediately was in shock for months, and I think all my family was,” said Jenny Carrieri.

It was a chilling crime.  23-year-old Jody LeCornu was sitting in her car in the parking lot of a shopping center along York Road when she was shot and killed.

For 20-years, the reason for her murder as well as the name of her killer has puzzled police.  Jenny met us in the same parking lot that turned her life upside-down.

"It's almost like that numbing feeling comes back,” she said.  “You just come up here and you're kinda just running things through your mind."
In-fact, not a day has gone by that Jenny hasn't thought about that night, and her sweet sister.  The murder haunts her.  Jenny and her family hope revisiting the cold case will drum-up new tips for investigators.

"I so badly want to know what happened and I know that there's, I feel that there's people out there that know," said Jenny.

Baltimore County Police think so too.  Officers know Jody was at the Mount Washington Tavern earlier in the night.  She left to buy beer at a liquor store on Falls Road, then for some reason pulled into the parking lot of what is now the Drumcastle Government Center.
Jody was just more then a quarter-mile from her Towson home.

"What we do know is that at some point the suspect pulled out a gun and fired a single shot into the car," said Corporal John Wachter with Baltimore County Police.

For the first time, investigators are releasing new images from the snowy crime scene.  One picture shows how the bullet broke Jody's car window, went through the driver's seat, and into her back.
Jody was able to drive across York Road and into the Giant parking lot.  But she couldn't make it any farther.

Police say the gunman was still nearby.

"He followed her across the street, and when she stopped he reached into the car," Wachter said.  "We think he may have put the car in park, but we're not 100% sure, but he definitely took something out of that car."
The suspect drive away in a white BMW.
What the man took from Jody's car that night could be the key to the whole case. 

"There's so many theories about what happened to her, and maybe what she was doing," said Jenny.

But all she wants is answers.  Answers to end the wondering of what happened to Jody, and to finally hold someone accountable for the years of pain.

"It's just very sad to think of just your whole life without her, wondering, you know, what life would have been like with her here," Jenny said.

Detectives were able to get fingerprints from the inside and exterior of Jody's car.  So far they don't match anyone in the system, but police are running them again.
Thanks to family and friends, there's a $32,000 cash reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction in this case.  If you know anything, call Metro Crime Stoppers at 1-866-7-LOCKUP.

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