Police capture Public Enemy No. 1

Posted at 5:55 PM, Dec 08, 2016

When the Baltimore Police Department announces a Public Enemy No. 1, it usually does so with some fanfare in order to drum up tips to quickly make an arrest.

That happened in the case of Christopher Straham who was picked up Wednesday night after a tip call led patrol officers to his whereabouts.

In Straham's most recent booking photo you can see he at least tried to cover up one of the tattoos that was available in the picture police released earlier this week.

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Police said Straham stabbed a 73-year-old homeless man to death on Pulaski highway. The department released surveillance video of the murder and pleaded with the public for help.

It worked, a tip came in Wednesday night which led to his arrest for first and second degree murder as well as robbery.

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Commissioner Kevin Davis hopes those charges will keep Straham off the streets.

“The police department and the state's attorney's office, we're both equally concerned about violent repeat offenders. When someone wears that label of public enemy number one and he continues his criminal high risk life style, he continues to take lives, he continues to carry guns and just go after people in our community, that's of concern," Davis said.

What the commissioner is referring to is a story ABC2 first told you about Wednesday.

Derrick Jackson, a man police think shot and killed someone this week near Lexington Market, was Public Enemy No. 1 last year.

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Jackson was wanted for murder in Oct. 2015 and was arrested for it; however, the state's attorney's office did not prosecute Jackson releasing him this September.

Less than three months before police say surveillance video shows him running from yet another murder he committed Monday afternoon.

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